We want to see a world where everyone, everywhere, has someone to turn to in support of mental health.


United for Global Mental Health seeks to improve political will and increase funding for global mental health care.

To do this we initiate and coordinate collaborative advocacy efforts for progressive change in global and national public policy, and to increase domestic and international finance, and the effectiveness of it’s spending, so that quality mental health systems are accessible by all.

We aim to improve service provision, particularly in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), and help voices to be heard at a national and international level.

Awareness is growing of the gaps in funding, policy and political support for mental health around the world, but far more needs to be done.

Global advocacy activities

We provide advocacy, campaigning and financial support to global institutions, businesses, communities and individual changemakers seeking greater action on global mental health

Monday, May 20

Mental health at the World Health Assembly

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Thursday, March 07

World Health Day: Lancet Commission in French, CBM International initiative

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Monday, January 21

World Leaders in Davos urged to agree it’s #TimeToAct on Mental Health

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Current Projects to Accelerate Funding in LMICs:

Phase 1

Boston Consulting Group worked with us and global mental health experts from a range of organisations to develop a report identifying what needs to be funded and where.

Phase 2

Lions Head Global Capital Partners worked with us and global mental health experts from a range of organisations across the world to identify how new funding could be generated for global mental health. Read the report here.

Phase 3

We are now working with partners to focus on a number of individual countries where we can help increase funding for mental health on the ground; and we are working with a new international donor working group that is focused on current, and potential increases in international financing for mental health.